You build applications

We'll handle security

How CAST works

You build applications, we’ll handle security. That is our promise.

During the lifecycle of your application, the CAST (Continuous Application Security Testing) service will monitor for changes in your source code and a team of cyber security experts will perform the necessary security testing on the changes made. This way, you only need to worry about building your applications and we'll handle security testing.

Add a dedicated cyber security expert to your team

The cyber security experts working at CAST service are highly skilled ethical hackers and they all have a professional software development background, the perfect combination of hacker and software developer to add to your team. Once a change is detected in your application, the CAST experts will use a mix of artificial intelligence powered automated testing and manual testing to examine the change for potential security vulnerabilities. By manually testing the application the cyber security expert is able to discover business logic flaws, complex security vulnerabilities and accurately identify the risk level of vulnerabilities. These are things an automated process or a scanner will never be able to do.

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Continuous testing

To build secure applications, security has to be a focus of every step in every iteration. To be ensured that the security of your application meets the requirements, you need continuous security testing. The CAST service provides security testing and comprehensive advise on solutions within EVERY iteration. By testing this early in the development process, development teams are enabled to mitigate security vulnerabilities before they reach your customer, saving time and money.
CAST service will ensure the application security level during the iteration

No false positives

Automated security scanning solutions that are currently on the market can generate quite an amount of false positives, something that is hard to identify for a developer that is relatively new to security. Due to the large amount of manual testing that is performed by the CAST service, all these false positives have been filtered before they reach your team. So time is spent on actually fixing the issue instead of figuring out if an issue is really an issue.

Solving problems

Once a security vulnerability is identified by the CAST service, a recommended solution for the problem will be presented so it can be adequately resolved by your team. Optionally, our software developers can also resolve these issues for you and deliver a patch that can be applied to the current code-base.

Education as our ultimate goal

By pointing out security vulnerabilities in your application and providing advice on possible solutions, your development team will be educated on application security and solutions for common security vulnerabilities in applications. This will increase their knowledge about application security, with our ultimate goal of rendering ourselves obsolete.

Two flavors

The CAST service can be utilized by both application development teams and application managers for applications that are no longer in active development and have reached the maintenance stage of the software development lifecycle (SDLC). The CAST service will monitor for changes (i.e. when a new version is deployed) in the application and when changes are detected, the automated and manual security tests will be performed on every new deploy application, making sure the new version of the application still meets the security requirements. A special discounted version of the CAST service is available for this scenario, CAST lite.


CAST PRO monitors the state of your application for every step of an iterative development process. At any moment, the CAST cyber security experts can inform you about the state of security within your application.
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CAST lite

CAST lite monitors the state of one deployed application. Every time the application changes (i.e. when a new version is deployed) the CAST cyber security experts will inspect and test your application for security vulnerabilities.
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Cost effective & Easy to integrate

We have used our knowledge and experience in application security testing to develop a highly optimized workflow that enables the CAST service to provide flat-fee continuous applications security testing. This makes it possible for software development teams of any size to add a cyber security expert to their team without the high costs of hiring such an expert. The CAST service has native support for GIT code repositories for easy integration. For those who do not use a GIT code repository, we also have many conversion filters available. This makes it easy to bolt continuous security testing onto your current development workflow without a hassle.

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